Thursday, September 20, 2007

September 2006 Events

Last September, we enjoyed;

A "Meet and Greet" Park day

Peter White Public Library Fieldtrip

Jilbert's Dairy

Mom's Night Out

Library Play Day

In October, we enjoyed;

Children's Museum History and Literature Fieldtrip

Haye's Corn Maze

Mom's Night out

In November,we enjoyed;

Marquette Food Cooperative Fieldtrip

Shiras Planetarium

Mom's Night Out

Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Day

In December;

We had our first Friday Fun Day and studied Ornithology-the study of birds

YMCA Family Day

Mom's Night Out

Christmas Craft Dat

In January, we enjoyed;

Sledding Party...minus the snow!!

Mom's Night out

Dome Day

Homeschool Ice Skating

In February, we enjoyed;

A Valentine's Day party and exchange

Mom's Night out

In March, we enjoyed;

another attempt at sledding with sunny weather and no snow!!

In April, we enjoyed;

"Critter Feeding" at Moosewood Nature Center

If anyone has pictures of any of these events let me know or email them to me. Thanks!

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